Living Building Residence

The regenerative student residential hall is designed to be the largest living-building housing complex on a university campus.

The unit mix of the West Residences offers a variety of living opportunities, from efficient micro-units and studio units to one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments.

The nine micro-units have no kitchens, instead inviting residents to use the common kitchenettes in the communal hubs which also include common study centers. The micro-units will be grouped together across two floors establishing intentional communities within the Living Village.

Other unit types will be positioned alongside the micro-units, so as to not silo the micro-units into specific buildings or floors. Because of their location, the micro-units will be at the center of the community zones within the Village.

The largest number of units will be of the studio type. Two-bedroom units will occupy a unique location in the base of the East Rock Terrace, where, as the site slope drops in elevation, a lower level of that building is exposed. The larger footprint will be geared toward family occupancy.

Graduate Student Housing

  • 49 units / 51 beds
  • 33 studio units
  • 9 micro units
  • 5 one-bedroom units
  • 2 two-bedroom units

Shared Space

  • Village Hub
    • Community Kitchen
    • Courtyard Patio
  • Shared kitchenettes
  • Social spaces
    • Activity Center
    • Lantern Lounge
    • Study Centers
    • Student Lounge
  • Laundry facilities
View inside the Community Kitchen. Provided by Bruner/Cott.
Community Kitchen view from under pergola. Provided by Bruner/Cott.
Courtyard Patio looking into the Community Kitchen, all part of the Village Hub. Rendering by Bruner/Cott.
View from inside the Lantern Lounge towards Prospect Street. Provided by Bruner/Cott.
View of the Study Lounge. Provided by Bruner/Cott.
View of a Study Center. Provided by Bruner/Cott.
View of the Activity Center. Provided by Bruner/Cott.