Community Courtyard (Village Plaza)

The Entrance Portal will connect the central courtyard of the Living Village with the existing Divinity School Quadrangle. Designed with a central lawn and water feature on the side, the open and flexible courtyard organization will direct attention to the renovated YDS entrance building and the Marquand Chapel beyond.

Careful studies have been conducted on the existing structure and brick work details of the historic Divinity School entrance building to ensure that the renovation work is respectful of the historic building. The current openings on the first floor will be expanded to increase height and to align with the width of the window openings on the second level, increasing transparency between the Living Village’s central courtyard and the existing Quadrangle. A minimal canopy, carefully cantilevered from the entrance building, will further signify the entry and facilitate wayfinding across the new and the existing campuses.

The courtyard will contain a large, flat lawn with tall canopy trees and several paved spaces that support outdoor community events. The space is designed for flexibility and a variety of uses from small gatherings to large events. Due to its location at the top of the ridge, storm water will be first captured here, then released down the hillsides to the east and west.

Features include:

  • The Graze landscaped area
  • large cisterns below grade to capture roof rainwater runoff
  • stone fountain
  • rain gardens and bioswales along access paths
  • an integrated system of pervious paving, engineered soils, and vegetation for rainwater management and irrigation
View from the East Portal with Marquand Chapel steeple visible. Provided by Bruner/Cott.
Dining Terrace with entrance to Sterling Divinity Quadrangle on the left. Provided by Bruner/Cott.