The Project

We are charged with the responsibility to be stewards of creation. Sustainable living is not only an ecological decision but an ethical one, driven by our growing recognition that humans are part of nature, not lords over it. Compelled to put biblical and ecotheological principles into practice, we invite others to join us in creating a flourishing future.


Housing future environmental leaders in a regenerative building

Affordable housing to reduce student debt

A forward-looking design that welcomes all

A living-learning experience for those who will lead and form communities

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Yale Divinity School has chosen the world’s most stringent and progressive green building standards to guide the overall village design and construction process.



The Living Village is part of Yale Divinity School at Yale University, situated in New Haven, Connecticut. Located in southern New England, New Haven has hot, humid summers and cool to cold winters.


The Living Building approach incorporates a dynamic design using contemporary materials for a revolutionary construction system.


The Living Village project integrates a wide ranging group of skilled professionals and businesses spanning various fields and expertise.


Living village Integrated Design Team Yale groups: Yale Divinity School Yale Office of Facilities PRE-CON: Shawmut Design & Construction GEOTECHNICAL: Haley & Aldrich SURVEY: Weston & Sampson YALE DESIGN ADVISORY COMMITTEE DEAN’S ADVISORY COMITTEE + STEERING COMMITTEE Bruner/Cott Architects groups: DESIGN ARCHITECT: Howeler + Yoon Architecture STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING: Silman LBC MATERIALS & STRATEGY: Integrated Eco Strategy SPECIFICATIONS: Kalin Associates BIOPHILIA: McLennan Design CIVIL: Nitsch Engineering CODE CONSULTANT: Code Red Consultants ACOUSTICS + AV: Cavanaugh Tocci WATER SYSTEMS: Biohabitats inc. MEP/FP/FA/IT/SECURITY: VanZelm Engineers IT SYSTEMS: GTC INTERIOR + EXTERIOR LIGHTING: Lightcraft LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Andropogon SOIL ENGINEERING: Craul Land Scientists ARBORIST: Morris Arboretum IRRIGATION DESIGN: Aqueous INTERNATIONAL LIVING FUTURE INSTITUTE


FALL 2023


More info coming soon

11 OCTOBER 2023

Groundbreaking ceremony

Panel at 2:30 ET, ceremony and reception at 4:30 ET.
Part of Convocation and Reunions 2023.
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17 JULY 2023

Remodeling entryway to existing Quadrangle

Details on closures and parking changes

29 JANUARY 2024

SDQ Entrance Hall Grand Re-Opening

Reception on January 29, at 5:30pm



The first students move into their residences