Category: Construction Updates

Tree removal and repurposing

As construction on the Living Village began at YDS this summer, select trees were taken down to make way. Following the ethos of the project, construction managers worked to ensure that as few trees as possible were felled for construction—and that the trees would have a second life as part of the Living Village. Read…

Entrance Remodeling

Crews from Shawmut Design and Construction began demotion on the YDS entryway adjacent to the main parking lot on July 24. The construction company will remodel the doorway and the area inside. The aim of this remodeling is to improve the arrival experience and make the entryway more in keeping with the Living Village design….

Yale Connect for campus updates

A screenshot of the YaleConnect website homepage.

To ensure that you are well informed and not inundated by emails, we are urging all faculty and staff to start using Yale Connect if you do not already do so. We will rely on this communication platform to share information with you, along with email, bulletin boards, and the web. We urge you to…

Parking Plan

Pierson-Sage parking garage entrance on Edwards Street.

JULY -DECEMBERStudents All students, both commuters and residential, have been notified to relocate vehiclesby July 1 to Science Park Garage Science Park Garage -276 Winchester Avenue / brown or red line shuttles Faculty and Staff Parking will be available in lot 11 (main lot) through September 1 HC parking will be available after September 1…